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From: alex brown
Subject: Fact and Fantasy (14 year old boys) Part 2Fact and fantasy (14 year old boys) Part 2/3You will find it helpful to read Part 1 of this story before starting on
Part 2, as it is important to understand the concept of and the background
to my ideas.BY THE WAY! Please do not read this or comment on it if you have any
difficulties with the concept of a consensual sexual relationship occurring
between a man and a teenage boy. Thank you. Please do contact me if you
ever had similar experiences to those described in the stories - either
with a young teenage boy or as one.Andrew (continued)At 7.30 am two days later, Monday morning, the doorbell rang and there was
Andrew. He had called on his way to school once or twice previously but
never this early. He squeezed his way in past me and asked "Will you do
that thing to me?" - meaning would I masturbate him. Dumbstruck and
frightened, yet pleased and excited I replied something along the lines
that both of us would be in extreme trouble should anybody find out. I
remember saying to him yet again " you ought to find another boy to do it
with", but by this time he was half way up the stairs heading for my
bedroom. "Andrew, you'll be late for school" I said, but he was already at
the side of my bed taking off his school uniform. "Wouldn't it be better if
you came back after school and we could talk about it then" I said weakly,
but by this time he was lying naked on my bed and my fingers were already
around his very stiff penis. Yes, my fingers were on a schoolboy's stiff
penis at last - the very thing I had longed for all these years. He lay
there with his eyes closed while I wanked him with my right hand and
squeezed his testicles with my left. In less than 2 minutes he started to
thrust his pelvis up towards me and the first stream of his boy spunk
squirted upwards and fell on his stomach. Once, twice, three times and then
a fourth layer squirted out of him before I caught the last drops on my
fingers. "Was that good?" I asked. "It's a strange feeling" was all he
said. I told him to stay put, and I mopped up all his spunk off his stomach
into a pair of my underpants I had turned inside out. As he was getting
dressed for school I lolitas bbs kiddie porn suggested we meet again the following Saturday
afternoon, and when he had gone I put on the wet underpants and wanked
myself silly thinking about the next sex session we were going to enjoy
together.The following Saturday we went very young lolitas pics straight upstairs and I told Andrew to put
on the white briefs again. We sat next to each other, our thighs touching,
and we started to play with our cocks. I gently lifted Andrew's fingers
from his cock and placed them on mine, explaining that sex was as much
about giving pleasure as receiving it. I had no need to worry - Andrew was
ready for anything I could suggest, and over the next hour or so I
introduced him to the pleasures of homosexuality. We rubbed our cocks
together, wanked each other, sucked each other before I finally I explored
his bottom. I pulled up his white briefs and made him go on all fours, and
then I rubbed my cock all over his white cotton underpants that so closely
fitted over his neat bottom. My heart was thumping with excitement! This
was something I had always wanted to do to other boys at school but sadly
the opportunity had never arisen. I coiled down the elastic waistband just
on to his thighs and inserted my cock between his legs. My cock was now
rubbing between his underpants and testicles which was heaven to me, but
the sight of his exposed crack was soon too much to resist. Andrew had
asked me to make him cum first, so I wanked him vigorously from behind - my
cock now firmly sliding up and down his crack. Thereafter it was only a few
seconds before I had the most wonderful ejaculation of my life with the tip
of my cock pushing hard against his anus hole. Over the many sex sessions
that Andrew and I were to have in the future this remained my favourite way
of ending our love-making. Even now it remains my favourite masturbation
fantasy - the thought of a slim 14 year old boy on all fours with his white
briefs coiled down on to his thighs makes me cum more quickly than any
other thought. Perhaps a close second to this was lying naked on my bed and
having Andrew pleasurise my penis and testicles with his fingers until I
could hold back my spunk no longer. The resultant ejaculation was always
quite terrific.Over the next two years Andrew and I probably met together for sex once or
twice a month. I made up a game called 'The Underpants Shop' where I
pretended to own a shop that only sold schoolboys' underpants. Andrew would
come in to choose some. I would undress him completely then show him the
collection of boys' underpants I had and get him to pose in them for
me. Playing with a boy in his underpants was one of the dreams left kds pedo porn lolita over
from my schooldays. Sometimes Andrew himself would turn up with ideas for
sex games that he had scribbled down on scraps of paper. I can still
remember a few:* The Aborigine Boy. Andrew would pretend to be a native Aborigine boy and
I was the captain of a ship that he had stowed away on. When I found him in
my cabin he would beg not to be sent back. I would then dress him in only a
jockstrap and make him my sex slave. He would have to please a very
homosexual captain! * We would both pretend to be schoolboys. Walking home
after school one would try to persuade the other to wank with him, but the
other would at first refuse point blank. The first boy had then to be as
sexy as he could to make the other change his mind. I loved the way Andrew
tried to seduce me - he could be very lewd. * Similar to the above, we
both pretend to be boy scouts on the summer camp. We would get into bed
together wearing only white briefs and one of us would start wanking. The
other would ask "what are you doing?" and he would then be shown how to do
it. I loved being in bed with Andrew - rubbing our naked bodies together. I
and always hoped he would spend the night with me sometime, but sadly he
never did.I remember noticing that at the end of the suggestions Andrew had made for
new games he always put 'rub c/b together'. It didn't take me long to work
out that this meant we were to rub our cock and balls together at the end
of each game. Obviously we stopped lolitas bbs kiddie porn
each game before either of us
ejaculated, but normally I found that after an hour or maybe an hour and a
half I couldn't keep my spunk back any longer. At this stage I would make
Andrew go down on all fours and I would bring myself off on to his pink
ring as usual.Andrew had fantasies about having sex in the open, and we planned a night
time session at a dis-used aerodrome. After dark one evening I drove him to
the aerodrome and parked the car on a perimeter runway. It was a warm
evening and the runways were bathed in clear moonlight. Andrew was wearing
a white singlet, the white Y Front briefs I liked so much and a very short
pair of silky feel white nylon running shorts. He walked round like that
for 5 minutes or so then I removed his shorts. He was now only on his
singlet and briefs. We walked on for a further 5 minutes, my hands rubbing
over his bottom all the time. Then the singlet came off, and 5 minutes
later I pulled his briefs down. We walked on together for a further 5
minutes, Andrew naked and my hand round his erect penis. Finally, I knelt
down in front of him in the middle of a runway and sucked him off. It was
madness, sheer stupidity, we could so easily have been caught but we
weren't. We later repeated open air sex twice again in the daylight, but
were a much more careful where went.For some unexplained reason I liked to keep suggesting to Andrew that he
was homosexual without putting it quite so bluntly. Andrew had two elderly
maiden aunts he used to visit, and I told him that they, and most other
people, would be disgusted at the things we liked doing. We had worked out
a pecking order from the least to the most disgusting; rubbing cocks
together, putting our fingers on each other's cocks and balls, sucking each
other's cocks and lastly cock to bum. On one occasion I stood a naked
Andrew in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom and I put my cock
into his crack. I told him to look at how the shaft of my stiff cock had
gone up site lolitas love gallery into the curves of his bum and was pressing on to his hole. "I
think we like doing to sort of 12 16 lolita pussy things homosexuals do", I whispered to him,
and then I said "Wouldn't your aunties be disgusted if they could see you
now?" "Yes, I suppose so" he replied. "Don't you ever feel what we do
together is disgusting?" I went on, all the time my cock rubbing on his
hole and my fingers playing with his cock. His reply excites me to this day
- "I know I shouldn't be doing it, but deep down inside me I just know I
have to do it". Andrew was confirming to me what I already suspected - he
was well on the way to becoming a homosexual adult, and so far as I am
aware to this day has never had girl friends. Although he was a quiet,
introverted boy I found him a most satisfying sex partner. The saying
'still waters run deep' was certainly true about Andrew.During the time of our relationship Andrew told me a number of interesting
things. For example, he told me that he had first thought about having sex
with me after our visit to the swimming baths. Apparently he had felt my
stiff cock rubbing against his and had gone home with an erection. He also
told me that on the first occasion I had rubbed my cock lolitas bbs kiddie porn on to his bottom he
had felt my heartbeats! Another thing concerned Ben. I once asked him if he
and Ben had ever wanked together, and his answer surprised me greatly. When
Ben was about 131/2 he had shown Andrew how to wank him and they had done
this more or less every night. Andrew, who would have lolita real pre kds
been 12, would get
into Ben's bed naked and they would play with each other's
cocks. Unfortunately one evening their mother caught them at it - both
naked and both with erections - and as a consequence Ben went the following
day. Andrew and I often wished that Ben was still around as we agreed he
would have made a wonderful partner to participate in our sex sessions.
After his 16th birthday Andrew left school and started work as an
apprentice mechanic at a local garage. Around this time I began to become a
little concerned regarding his activities. I once said to him I had often
wondered what it would be like for us to spend the night naked together in
bed, and I suggested a date to do this. Andrew replied that he knew of a
boy 'exactly the same age as he was' who had gone out camping with a man
who worked at the garage. They had been discovered in their duvets at night
by the Police, but nothing further asian lolita top sites had developed. He said no to me, as he
didn't want to risk the chance of getting into trouble. It made me wonder
whether that boy was in fact Andrew himself. A few weeks later when he
turned up one day for a sex session wearing a new pair of boxer shorts I
asked him where he had got them from. He told very young lolitas pics
me he had been given them by
a friend. Another day we went for a drive in my car and he said he would
show me a quiet a spot in the country where it was easy to have sex. On the
way there he directed me to some public toilets on the edge of a small town
that I knew were frequented by homosexuals. (There asian lolita top sites had been a case reported
in the press of a man -a teacher - who had passed a note under a cubicle
door to a boy suggesting they had a wank together) How come Andrew knew
about these places? The final piece in the jigsaw for me was when he told
me he was having repeated fantasies about being taken into the countryside
by two men in the back of a van. He imagined being stripped naked and tied
up. "Would they then have sex with you?" I asked. Andrew shrugged his
shoulders - "Who knows", he said, "Probably".Oh dear. It became obvious to me that Andrew was becoming involved in the
local gay scene, and that was something I wanted to steer well clear
of. After realising this I became less enthusiastic about seeing him, and
finally he stopped visiting me altogether. By this time I think he was
becoming more and more involved with his other friends, and within a few
months of our last sex session I had started a new job in a town some 30
miles away and had moved house. When I settled in to my new house I sent
him a 'change of address card' with the phone number, but he didn't
respond. The following Christmas I was feeling the need for sex with him
again, and on my Christmas card I sent him specific directions to my
house. Although I was less than 45 minutes away, there was still no
response from him. Rather sadly I feel, I have never heard from him
since. It's not that I ever had an emotional attachment to Andrew, but he
was a very decent boy/youth and I would like to have known lolita pearls preteen models how he was
getting on with his life.To follow; Part 3 - Kieran's story.
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